Irrigation Services in Kendall, Florida 

On hot sunny days and throughout scorching heat waves, your irrigation system becomes the lifeline that supports your garden and lawn. If it malfunctions, whether from old age or environmental wear, it won't take long before you'll be seeing dead spots on your lawn, lifeless dried flowers in your garden, or even a hefty water bill. But don't worry, Greenstar Irrigation has got your back. It doesn't matter what caused your sprinklers to stop working; we'll get them working again.

Sprinkler Maintenance  

Despite how awesome Kendall is to live, work, and shop at, the fact remains that it is an aging city. And of course, things start to show wear and tear as they age. Irrigation systems sometimes get installed hastily, age has set in on your system, or perhaps the contractors did a poor job and the system has never run efficiently. These things can lead to malfunctions in the lines underground, sprinkler heads busting, or faulty switches so that only one half of your lawn is getting water.

Greenstar is the remedy. We offer maintenance inspections for just $49.95, where we'll inspect your irrigation system for any possible issues, leaks, or otherwise. Consider us the sprinkler doctors, as we'll make sure your system is running smoothly and efficiently, saving you money and from future headaches. Call us for any issue. We promise you that we'll do our best to solve it.

Following a Sprinkler Schedule

At Greenstar, we specialize in repairing and maintaining irrigation set-ups, and we're covered with worker's compensation and liability insurance for your peace of mind. Kendall is a great place to live in Florida, with amazing weather, fabulous beaches, and just a 30 minutes trip from Miami. But being part of Miami-Dade county means you have to abide by the Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Rule. Make sure your irrigation system is set to the right rules, or you could face hefty fines.

The Miami-Dade Year-round Irrigation Rules are as follows:

  • Even-numbered businesses and residences can only water their landscapes and gardens on Sunday and/or Thursday, before 10 AM or after 4 PM.
  • Odd-numbered businesses and residences can only water their landscapes and gardens on Saturday and/or Wednesday, before 10 AM or after 4 PM.

What if your irrigation system stops working and you miss a watering period, leaving your landscape out to dry? Or even worse, something goes wrong with a sprinkler head, and it's been pumping water non-stop, racking up the bill? Again, Greenstar offers you peace of mind. We go through each part of your irrigation system, step-by-step, piece by piece, to locate the issue. We'll come to your residence or business, turn on the sprinkler system, and using the latest technology available, quickly identify what the problem is. On the spot, you'll get an estimate on how much it'll cost, what we're going to be doing, and an approximation on how long the job will take. We'll do our best, using our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your landscape is well-watered, happy and healthy.

Customer Service 

At Greenstar Irrigation, customer service is our number one priority. We have dedicated service technicians that'll bring a quick turnaround to your service request, because we know how important your landscape is to you.

Is your water bill unnaturally high? Give us a call.

Do your sprinklers have poor pressure? We can figure it out.

Brown spots on your lawn? Yikes, we'll handle it, and fast.

Considering a new pool and need your system re-routed? Let's talk.

Are your sprinklers going off at weird hours? We'll take care of you.

Looking to make sure your system is covering all of your property? That's our expertise.

We'll perform a 7-Point Irrigation Tune-Up for just $49.95. We'll look at the lines to make sure they're sturdy, make sure all sprinkler heads are functioning properly, make sure the valves are working, everything to ensure your irrigation system is reliable. Looking for more coverage? Greenstar offers Quarterly Irrigation Service Maintenance Contracts, starting at just $125 for the year.

Celebrating 40+ Years of Service in South Florida

What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"Peter M of Greenstar landscaping and irrigation took care of our sprinkler system a couple of weeks ago. His service was outstanding. We had several broken sprinkler heads, water deprived areas of our lawn and garden and other maintenance issues. Peter responded quickly to my call, within several hours by coming to our property, spending time looking everything over and giving me a verbal quote for the work. I felt very comfortable with Peter and his team of workers. They were very professional."

"Very professional crew. Very satisfied with the work done."

"Excellent work as always!!"

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